Face to Face and Virtual Consults

The Initial consultation is the stepping stone to enabling you to start your journey to healthy eating. The detailed assessment is 60- 90 minutes long, and we assess your weight, and blood results you have, supplements you may be taking and your full diet history.

In this time I will also help you to identify times and food items you need to change.

3 working days later you will receive your meal plan via email.

Body Composition Analysis

Been on a tough weight loss and exercise regimen, and want to ascertain you are reaching your goals?

Book a quick 30minute body composition analysis using the latest technology available.

Discovery Vitality Assessments

Discovery Vitality Members can earn 1000 points per year when they visit a dietitian and start their healthy weight journey. This is a 30 minute consultation. You can alternatively, book a full assessment and still earn the full points. 


As one of South Africa’s premier genetic testing laboratories, DNAlysis offers an innovative approach to genetic testing. These industry-leading methods provide medical practitioners and patients with uniquely personalised treatments.

The personalised medicine approach to healthcare will allow for more precise, predictable and preventive health care that is customised for the individual patient.

Highly trained medical practitioners use a range of DNA tests to gain a greater understanding of what patients need for optimal health and nutrition and which cover a spectrum of genetic qualities, including:

  • Weight Management
  • Chronic disease risk management
  • Cognitive health and mood disorders
  • Athletic performance and recovery requirements from high-intensity exercise.

DNAlysis products and services are distributed worldwide by Nordic Laboratories and are available globally.

Optifast Weight Loss Program

The OPTIFAST VLCD Program is a very low calorie diet program, which consists of 4 levels. The Intensive Level is the very low calorie diet part of the program, which is a total diet replacement providing up to 800 calories. Following this is the Active 2 Level, Active 1 Level, and Maintenance Level, where food is gradually re-introduced and OPTIFAST VLCD products are reduced and then eliminated.
VLCD stands for “Very Low Calorie Diet”.

A VLCD is a low carbohydrate, total diet replacement for the dietary management of obesity. It provides 800 calories or less per day, whilst consisting of sufficient protein, fatty acids, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals for safe and fast weight loss.

Very low calorie diets (also known as VLEDs or Very Low Energy Diets) have been shown to be very effective in the management of obesity, with weekly weight losses averaging approximately 1-2.5kg per week, providing greater initial weight loss than other forms of calorie restriction.

Reducing energy (calorie) intake to less than 800 calories as well as reducing carbohydrate intake leads to a whole body shift towards fat stores being utilised as the major source of energy through a process called ketosis. This results in consistent and successful weight loss.

In comparison, a formulated meal replacement means a single food or pre-packaged selection of foods that is sold as a replacement for one or two of the daily meals but not as a total diet replacement. A formulated meal replacement does not work by inducing ketosis to assist with weight loss. It works purely by restricting overall calorie intake.

8 Week Weight Loss Program

Kick-start your weight loss journey with an targeted, individualized 8 week program.  Let us help you lose those kilo’s and improve your health and energy levels. Group discounts available.

Delicious and nutritious meals can be arranged and delivered to your doorstep!