5 Steps to Better

A Healthy Lifestyle does not just have to focus on the restriction and avoidance, but it is also an amazing opportunity to start healthy new habits and break the old thinking around health and wellness. Join our ‘5 steps to better health’ change program to begin your journey to health. Improving your health has many benefits including: weight loss, better energy levels, improved metabolism and much more!

Instead of short term crash diets that often lead to weight regain, this program provides you with a personalised, sustainable way to meet your nutrition goals. The comprehensive program includes a nutrition assessment, meal plan and nutrition education sessions.

The initial nutrition assessment will include detailed anthropometric measures on the in-body scale, medical history, current eating patterns as well as determining your health and nutrition goals. Based on this assessment, you will be provided with a 7-day meal plan which is tailored to your specific nutritional needs including flavorful, fun and easy recipes with a shopping list.

Thereafter there will be 4 follow-up appointments, to review your progress, identify challenges and further your nutrition education in order to empower you with the correct knowledge.

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