Our motto is: Never travel without Padkos & snacks! Just as traffic and weather are unpredictable when traveling, so is the snack selection. Some country’s local or international convenience stops are well-stocked with plenty of healthy items while others even in big cities, leave you with few nutritious options.

Plus, bringing your own food means you can avoid the over-priced airport and exchange rates! Healthy snacks can help nourish you and satisfy hunger between stops, especially if there are long stretches between meals. You might even find that by snacking well, you’re less irritable (more stable moods and blood sugars) during those unpredictable delays.

Travel snacks need to be easily portable for road trips and airplane travel. Consider smaller packaged items, and repackage your snacks into ‘days’, using zip lock bags and labelling each bag, for easy grab and go convenience! Choose snacks that don’t need to be refrigerated, are light in weight and are items you have tried and ENJOY!

Different types of snacks can suit different conditions. For example, hot weather do not carry items that will melt or spoil quickly. Go for smaller packaged items like nuts, cereal bars, shakes or even sweets can suit certain conditions. For colder weather conditions, you have little bit more leeway and freedom.

Here are some guidelines our Registered Dietitians (RDs) considered when suggesting snacks that get the green light:
Fresh produce, like an apple, banana, or some baby carrots are easy options to tuck into your travel bag. Fresh fruit off the breakfast buffet can help fill those hunger growls when you not just ready to eat a full meal yet!

NB: If you have a diagnosed health condition (diabetic, insulin resistance, hypertension, renal failure to mention a few), please get in touch with your dietician to formulate a customized snack
plan for you.

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