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Why do you need a Dietitian?

When it comes to losing weight, treating a chronic condition, controlling blood sugar or cholesterol levels many individuals I meet with tell me it is the hardest thing they have ever done.

A person’s best resource for any nutritional intervention is a Registered Dietitian. Registered dietitians are science based food experts. They have undergone specific nutritional training to learn how to help people not only make the best dietary choices for them and their condition, but to implement behaviour changes to turn these choices in to habits that will have lifelong benefits. Simply handing somebody a meal plan and saying “do this” is not generally helpful. Dietitians are trained at getting to know an individual’s likes and dislikes, and to help them integrate healthy behaviours in their daily lives.

Instead of following the latest fad diet, cleanse, or commercialized weight loss program, why not consult a Registered Dietitian


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